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"Quality is never an accident it is always the result of intelligent effort."
John Ruskin

"Quality control does not mean achieving perfection. An efficient means to achieve quality production with the market expected."
W. Edwards Deming

TEOFILO JIMENEZ want to show the Enterprise Policy to guide its management system and work to full customer satisfaction.

Customer must be understood by any user of our products, processes, services, or attitudes, both in the external environment, as in the internal to the Company. Of us on it, we are both service providers and customers, so we meet the needs and expectations of our users and be treated the same way

• Achieve maximum customer satisfaction
• Preventing mistakes will have priority over efforts to control them.
• The Office undertakes to comply with all laws applicable to their sector.
• All staff of the Office is responsible for their work is flawless run.
• Improving the competitiveness of the firm and quality of service provided
• Maintain a staff of highly qualified personnel to perform the work.
• Monitor constantly at all times to respond to the demands and expectations of customers.
• Provide adequate resources for all staff to identify and remove obstacles to freely improve the quality of their work.
• Consider the continuous quality improvement a permanent objective, with which we are committed to increasing the effectiveness of our management system and increase the quality perceived by our customers.
• Emphasize prevention to avoid repetition and error
• Encouraging a participatory environment among employees, joining the common goal to improve communications and facilitate teamwork.
• Consider the implementation of terms of orders, punctuality and maintaining trust between our customers and suppliers as key points in the daily management of the Company.
• Work at all times in the strictest professional ethics.
• Improving quality is an ongoing process. We must acquire the habit of continuous improvement, creating a heightened awareness of quality.
• Promote the necessary training to get a staff of highly qualified personnel.


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