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Our firm offers a comprehensive full management of their community, through which all the neighbors will be constantly informed and protected on the state of his property both physical facilities and services such as administrative and accounting procedures, we now proceed to detail some of these services;

General functions

- Ensure proper system of community facilities and services and make these effects and warnings appropriate warnings to the owners.

- Preparation and monitoring of the financial budget: Budget expenditure and revenue accounting system adapted to. Processing and collection of receipts with preferential conditions for the Community, through cooperation agreements signed with certain banks. Quarterly report of the state budget and its deviations.

- Address the conservation and entertainment in the home, arranging repairs and measures that are urgent, immediate notice them giving the President or, failing that, to the owners.

- Implement the resolutions adopted on works and make payments and charges that are unfounded.

- Acting in his case, as Secretary of the Board and preserving holders available, the documentation of the Community.

Specific functions

- Analyze through detailed study all expenditure items are likely to improve in terms of cost or quality of service. Whenever two or more budgets for works or services that require it, with full confidence providers, for which we have members of our team with over twenty years experience in the industrial world.

- Propose the necessary work and execute the resolutions adopted by the board of owners, Repair works: Coordination of the budget requested. Comparison of value for money. Check references of manufacturers. We process, if appropriate, part of a claim to the insurer. Professionals to coordinate all kinds of works or services.

- Insurance for the Community of Owners: Comprehensive analysis and constant updating of risk capital and insured in the policy and the competitive cost thereof. Processing and tracking of parts of the property claims.

- Control of default: Quarterly reporting to the President of the monitoring and control of debtors to the community.

- Preparation of cost estimates, both ordinary and extraordinary.

- Clearance of budgets.

- Collections and payments.

- As Secretary: custody of documents, call meetings, preparation of minutes.

- Correspondence and reporting arrangements.

- In charge of staff collective agreements, preparation of payroll and Social Insurance, employment contracts, grant applications, temporary disability and work injury, certified workers, sanctions, dismissals and settlements.

Support and Management

With us you will have left the tranquility of the administrative tasks of his community in professional hands.

- The Boards of owners, the issuance of receipts and payment, the settlement of income and expenditure ... All these tasks can be handled quickly and efficiently.

• Attendance at Ordinary Meetings.
• Attendance at extraordinary general meetings
• Attendance at Meetings of Government
• Representation of the Community to effect recovery of arrears
• Management of Taxation: income tax and VAT.
• Management with Public and private agencies.
• court appearance.
• Rehabilitation of buildings.
• Valuations and.
• Certificates. Resources.
• legal experts.
• verbal consultations.
• Consultation in writing.
• Our receipt tells you what to pay and why.


- Annually, will clear the exercise. There you can see by comparing the payments that has been performing throughout the year to his community with the costs attributable to it.

- Promptly receive our periodic reports that are reflected in the detailed income and expenditure incurred for the previous month and the balance available in the Community, its debtors and their creditors.

- You and the Board shall be continuously informed about the economic situation of his community.


- Housing Official Protection: Income and sales. Contracts. Different rules. Use.

- Housing rehabilitation: Aid for Autonomous Communities, local and ministry.

- Real estate tax.

- Horizontal Property Act: Distribution of expenditure. Obligations and rights of the owners. Common elements. Agreement together. Calls, Record.


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